Saturday, April 28, 2007

Japan Movie Review: One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari)

Kou Shibasaki plays Yumi Nakamura
Shinichi Tsutsumi plays Yamashita Hiroshi

I surprisingly LOVED this movie. I am usually disenchanted by Asian horror movies. They tend to be a bit hokey and a little predictable. But I thought this one was well directed (Takashi Miike!) and the characters were pretty believable and easy to relate to. It was funny to me that my favorite bit was the part where Yamashita Hiroshi (Played by Shinichi Tsutsumi) broke Yumi's phone in half. I've been temped on numerous occasions to snap my own clam-shell in half. The story line is that a young girl who died is haunting people through their keitai (cell phones.) Your cell phone rings in a particular ring tone (the "Death" tone) and you get a "one missed call" message that, upon checking comes from your own number. Then, when you listen to it, it's your own death that you hear on the other end of the line. So, the time and date of the call are actually your time of death. Creepy. Surprisingly I was following along almost at the edge of my seat. The second part of the series was just as good and appropriately named One Missed Call 2. I have yet to see Chakushin Ari Final - but I hope it's just as good.

Fun Edison Stuff!

For all those Edison Chen fangirls (or fanboys) out there look at the nifty things I found! Maybe next paycheck I'll go for the cap, but who could afford the doll? It's a little crazy expensive - don't you think? I suppose if your a big a bathing ape fan and a clot fan and an Edison fan all rolled into one it would maybe(?) be a deal, but still -ick. They are pretty fun though. Anyone going to buy one? Check out SensAsian too - they have great deals on Asian stuff!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Crazy Andy Lau Fan

Now, I'm all for meet and greets with celebrities. My friends know that I would desperately love to meet Gackt-sama and (figuratively) drool all over him. What I won't do is obsess over him and cause anyone distress over it/him. That's what this crazy girl from China did. Yang Lijuang of Lanzhou city obsessed over Andy Lau so much that her parents got involved and tried to help 'make her dream come true.' The dad sold his house, used all his savings and tried to sell a kidney to get her there. (He only tried because it's illegal.) Once they made it to Hong Kong, the Andy Lau fan club helped her out and brought her to a birthday party for Lau and she got to take pictures with him. Apparently this was not enough for Lijuang because she was disappointed and later her father committed suicide because of this. Lijuang's father wrote Andy Lau a 12 page letter. TWELVE. Blaming Lau for his death, and saying he owed his daughter at least a conversation for her fifteen year devotion of the star. Andy Lau came out as saying that the photographs and short hello was enough and that he didn't owe her anything else. Now, what person in their right mind thinks that Andy Lau owes her anything? I think that the woman needs to grow up and get a life. I might have pictures of Gackt-sama all over my desk and a giant poster-sized calendar hanging in my house, but that doesn't mean I think he has to come and serve me tea or anything. Good grief.

Thanks Karazen for the interesting story.