Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wo Ai Beijing!!!

I watched the closing ceremonies with sadness and excitement. I was happy to see Wang Leehom singing Wo Ai Beijing. (A really fun song, that I enjoyed.) Then, to my girly, giddy surprise - I saw Rain!!! I was very happy to see him. The last 16 days have been emotional for me, as I am very emotionally connected to Asian culture. I cheered on USA, China, Japan, South Korea and lots of others. I cried watching the Olympics a lot. I am not entirely sure why, I think because I am so excited for them and I feel like I belong over there and am stuck here. I loved watching scenes of Beijing, and learning bits of Chinese culture during commercial breaks. I understood the background cheers "Zhongguo Jaiyou!!" and was having fun noticing bits of culture I understood that many others might not have even noticed. (The Chinese divers always put on slippers after getting out of the pool unlike the rest of the countries) One of my favorite moments had nothing really to do with any of the competitions. One of the American volleyball players lost her wedding ring and all of the volunteers assigned to that area combed the sand for it. Finally, after a lot of searching, a cute Chinese man found the ring. While on camera she thanked him and gave him a traditional volleyball love pat on the rear-end. He looked confused and a little embarrassed, then noticed the US camera on him, smiled and gave the ever-present V (Peace) sign into the camera! How cute! I love the unity and peace that the Olympic games create, and enjoy the atmosphere they create. Thanks for reading my blog on something that gave me so much to be happy about. :)

I really LOVE the new haircut too!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little something.

Rain's hard work on Ninja Assassin is now over, and he is "getting fat" again back in Korea. He is supposedely working on his album that is due out in October. Here is a quick look at his time filming in Berlin. (The movie is due out mid-January, just in time for my birthday!)

"Styrodome" housing future of Japan?

Apparently there is a large market for odd little houses made out of Styrofoam in Japan. Strange as it sounds, they are remarkably resilient, resisting fire, typhoons & earthquakes while not being vulnerable to termites, wood-rot or rust. They are easily assembled, and are growing in popularity. Here is a link to their website. Learned about from: Pink Tentacle