Thursday, October 23, 2008

Return of an old favorite. Anime Review: Niea_Seven

I just finished re-watching an old anime that I loved the first time. Niea_7 is a quiet anime that has sad and kind of lame humor, but that was the point. I like the shows that are unassuming and don’t expect to be a hit. They tend to be more open to putting them selves on the line and making a fool out of themselves. Niea_7 is realistic in most ways, except the existence of aliens being part of everyday life on Earth. There is a down to earth feeling about it, as if it’s a study of real life put into anime.

The story is based around Mayuko Chigasaki, a poor cram school student living in a small suburb of Tokyo trying to support herself on three part time jobs with a freeloading alien named Niea to feed as well. The majority of the anime is about their relationship and the choice they both make to learn more about themselves. But, with a “perverted” mini-mart alien making a constant appearance, “mysterious” bathhouses to be inspected and the mother ship looming in the distance, this is no ordinary anime. I’m glad that I decided to watch it again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CD Review: Rain - Vol. 5: Rainism

After a two year absence from the recording studio Rain is back again with a new album and a brand new sound. Free from the control of JYP he has written his own material and changed the general flavor of his songs. From the catchy beats of Rainism he changes to slow ballads like the first single released off the album "Love Story." According to Rain it's a true story about his love life. I wasn't sure at first if I liked the new sound. After giving it a few listens, I'm addicted and I love his more mature sound. I hope that you will give his new album a try, because it's a little different from the cookie-cutter hip-pop that JYP creates, but I hope that his solo work proves that he deserves his place in the entertainment top circle. My current favorite song: Fresh Woman. :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Asia Fest 2008

I was in Nirvana yesterday. My community put together a celebration of Asian culture yesterday. I was surrounded by people of Chinese, Korean, Indian and Japanese decent. They had food from local Asian restaurants and also little booths with henna tattoos, Japanese candy art, and lovely Asian tchotchke's. I was there volunteering with my friend Yixuan since she is a part of the Chinese Association. The program involved Korean fan & drum dancing, Taiko drums as well as a few Indian dances too. My favorite one was an Indian dance by the Indian Association of Fort Myers. I was also excited to have two (I splurged!) pineapple bubble smoothies. I missed them so much, they used to be available to me when I was living on campus in Minneapolis I could just walk down to the cafe that served them. They were yummy, apparently not up to par with one's served in China, Yixuan said they were better there (she used to get one everyday for like 1 yuan.) I also ate some yummy pork skewers mmm. I didn't buy anything, I'm carefully watching my budget, but it was a fun day of entertainment. I loved watching the Korean drum dance. If you live in Southwest Florida, plan on checking this event out when they have it again next year. It's inexpensive culturally diverse fun for the whole family.