Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I forgot!

I could have sworn that I wrote about this when I first found it. But, now I HAVE them! Earlier this summer I found that some cool folks in Japan created scented pencil leads. I splurged recently and purchased them for myself from my favorite online Japanese stationary supplier www.jpens.com. They have three scents. The first one is Healing it smells like Lemongrass. Refresh is the second one and smells like lemons and limes. Positive smells like roses. My only gripe with them is that you literally have to sniff the leads or the packaging to smell them. I was hoping that as you write you could smell them. Maybe I use them wrong. Who knows. Either way they are good smelling and fun. Maybe someday Pentel will bring them to the United States. For now, they are happy in Japan knowing they won Stationary of the Year. Yummy!

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