Thursday, May 15, 2008


is why I love Jackie Chan. As soon as he heard the news about the horrifying earthquake in central China he rallied and got an amazing donation ready. He had been working on an anti-piracy campaign in Beijing and dropped everything to get money to the people in the hardest hit areas of China. Together with Albert Yeung he donated 10 million yuan! (approximately a million and half dollars) I love that he is so giving and caring despite being the biggest star in China. And whenever there is bad press about him, he does his best to fix the problem and make sure that his side of the story is heard. I hope he never changes that about himself. (He COULD change his glasses - those are worse that Rain's!)

Note: This picture is from his official site, and if you want to help the Chinese and donate to the relief fund you can do so right here on his site. Be sure to select China Earthquake Fund from the drop down menu!


Dianne said...

Wow, Jenna!
I also like Gackt, Jet li and Jackie Chan! I don't have time for major fandom of more than one star and I have a particular soft spot for Rain, but I do like the others, too - absolutely love Gackt's Last Song 9 min piano version and have seen Moon Child about 3 times, bought Jet li's Unleashed movie not too long ago, own just about all of Jackie Chan's movies and, of course, all of Rain's CDs and DVDs.
Don't know about the glasses comment though - did you see Rain's awful nerd glasses at the LA Speed Racer Premiere??? LOL! - I was there!

Jenna said...

Thanks for the comment Dianne! Yeah, I've said something about those glasses before. I hated those on Rain! Sometimes he makes questionable fashion choices. (His new haircut is pretty silly.) Stay tuned for more entries. I have to get some more internet time to blog. . .