Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Military Duty for Rain

(Photo courtesy of Rain-Jihoon.com) (I love it because it connects me and Rain since I live in Florida)

I have often been curious about whether or not Rain will be serving his required term in the military in South Korea. It wasn't that I thought he would shirk his duty, more of a curiousity about the policy. I know that he is a very big influence on the Korean people as well as someone that is helping Korean slowly get attention from the rest of the world because of him. I was just wondering before, if his mother passing away and him being the only son, if he actually would have serve (I can't find much information on all of the exemptions that exist for the military conscription.) But, after a few articles have popped up regarding Hallyu stars possibly getting new exempt status, Rain and J.Tunes have come forward to declare his intentions. After three years, Rain will join the army. He intends to wrap up his filming, and music projects by then, to ensure that he has enough time to fulfill his duty to his country.
To be honest, I'm on the fence on this one. One one hand, I admire him for sticking to his determination and being loyal to his country. On the other, he has a earned the country a lot of attention it would not have gotten any other way, and probably has inspired many people to visit the country, learn the language or many other number of things. I hope he works everything out and that we will still see him once he gets back out. (My main fear is that after his time in the military he will disappear from the entertainment world and settle down, never to be seen again.)


paeshe3 said...

Nooooo! Rain cannot leave! I forbids it! (yes I meant to say 'forbids')

Dianne said...

Hello, fellow egg!
I am on the fence on this one, too. I hate to have to see him go into the military, but I would not want to see him be resented for getting a governmental exemption either. At this point it doesn't look as if an exemption is in the offing anyway. Three years is not alot of time, especially if Ninja Assassin proves successful (there is quite a bit of positive buzz) and if a sequel is offered, it would be a shame for him to have to turn it down because of a looming military deadline. No wonder he seems in such a hurry to accomplish so much in so little time.