Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I know that the wonderful people behind the Infernal Affairs trio LET Hollywood vultures have the rights to the storyline, but they only let them have the FIRST film and Andrew Lau said that they used parts from 2 and 3 which they didn't have permission to used. I hate that Hollywood producers and companies are snatching up rights to Asian films that have delighted international audiences in their original form. The Lake House was Il Mare from Korea. The Grudge and The Grudge 2, were based on the Ju-on series from Japan. Shall We Dance was a Japanese movie from 1995 before Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere thought about dancing. I just wish that they would put effort into marketing the originals versus spending all kinds of money making brand new ones. The latest rip-off has made a HUGE impact on the American movie scene in The Departed. It blew away the people of the Academy apparently winning a whole bunch of awards (if you want to know what - go to IMDB.) I just wish they would have promoted the originals along with The Departed instead of making it seem like a brand new idea.


Anonymous said...

Taken from Daily BWG:
"The Osukas

Did you catch the flaming ignorance displayed at the Oscars, when the telecast narrator mentioned that The Departed was based on a Japanese film?

It seems that in Hollywood, all those films look same.

At least Scorsese got it right in his acceptance speech."

Now that's even more RIDICULOUS, why can't they tell the differences between the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other asians apart?

Jenna said...

It's not that difficult. Especially when they speak. The languages are SO different. is a really interesting site that deals with this issue. I actually did better than my friend Yixuan (who is Chinese.)

Jenna said...

or if I can type correctly.