Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beauty is just a cellphone away.

I'm known to pimp Strapya, but this one couldn't be passed up. I love cellphone straps. They help you express yourself in a fun and unique way. Most people here in the United States haven't caught on yet. But the Japanese have perfected them. Here are a set of very unique straps. They are advertised as a "Gals Secret;" referring to the Japanese Ko-Gal. Which is a glorified and stylized "Barbie Girl" or "Valley Girl." They typically have lightly died hair (chestnut or blond), extreme tans, crazy make-up and extravagantly decorated finger nails. Here are a set of make-up items miniature-ized to fit on a cell strap. Two colors of mascara and five if gloss come in two cap colors - gold or silver (They HAVE to match their outfits and cell phones.)

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