Wednesday, February 7, 2007


This alarm clock is no Clocky, but it would make me a little more excited to wake in the morning. I think it would be more likely to scare the crap out of me anyway. I try to ignore the "Denger" because the site it's for sale on has a limited understanding of the English language. I wouldn't want the cops to pop up in my house with this alarm clock on the night stand though - especially after the Mooninite case in Boston. Not only does it "explode" on you every morning, you have to disarm it in order to shut it off. I've been looking for something like this, I tend to have problems waking in the morning. Maybe a crazy Japanese alarm clock would do the trick. Available from my favorite site: for 31.11 - pricey, but who else has a bomb wake them up in the morning? (Ok, a fake one...)

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