Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pachinko Mini's

Pachinko is a typically Japanese game. ( I know, I said non-Japanese post next time didn't I? Oops) It's a lot like a slot machine I'm told. Only instead of winning coins you win these little metal balls that are cashed in for prizes. Now, what is to stop you from bringing in your own pachinko balls and handing those in I'm not sure, but the one's I'm about to show you probably have no street value. The lovely folks over at have handed us another jewel. A miniature-ized version of the pachinko tub for you to carry around on you celly. As you can see, the slightly golden ball is the actual pachinko ball size and the rest are miniatures. If you want to play pachinko for real though, you'll have to head to a pachinko parlor in Japan. For some reason, they just haven't caught on here. . .

(A real Pachinko tub)

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