Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It may seem like the name of a new and ill-named MP3 player, however the title of this article is that of a piece of DIFFERENT electronic-ware. My mind is boggled by something, and it's not relationships for once. No, for once the techno-girl is stumped. How does an electronic dictionary, readily available to anyone in China cost them a mere $20.00 (apx. US value) and it cost anywhere from $100-$400 to purchase here in the United States? This little gem:
Retails for $99.00 here. Ridiculous. I just want an easy way to communicate with Yixuan. Is that so much to ask? She has her own dictionary that she survives on and I thought I'd reciprocate that by purchasing my own. I knew Japanese ones were crazily expensive, but not the Chinese ones. How does our country stand on its' own two feet if it can't learn to provide easy communication between countries and cultures? I don't understand our country sometimes.

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