Sunday, January 21, 2007

Vending Machine

If you know anything about Japan, you know that they have some of the strangest vending machines. The most infamous one's being of the used panty variety. (Yuck. . . ) But this one has it's own unique appeal to it. I'd buy a Sprite from it even if I already had a drink in my hand.
Forget about automation, just stick a person in there and have them hand out drinks all day long. Don't forget to smile!

(Also - if you're wondering like I did about "Sprite on Fire" it's an Asian remix of Sprite with spicy ginger flavoring added into it. Supposed to wake your taste buds up I suppose. Wonder how that tastes?

((As a reader pointed out - yes the bottle to the right is Chinese, Sprite on Fire is served in both countries.))

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Ed said...

That last pic looks chinese rather than japanese though...