Monday, February 12, 2007


So being in Fort Myers and in the heart of baseball spring training pays off finally. Daisuke Matsuzaka the Japanese wiz of a pitcher is starting his spring training locally and has our local sports casters going nuts. 2004 Olympic pitcher, nicknamed "Dice-ke/Dice-kay" has joined the Boston Red Sox. Since, obviously I'm not a big sports fan, a great majority of readers may already know this, but I was excited for the man. It's a very big chance for someone from such a small country. The people of Japan embrassed our "Great American Past-time" with enthusiasm. And this latest recrute has lots of American baseball fans excited. I would think that the Japanese are sad to see one of their own star pitchers shuffled off to the states, but that's just me.

This is his wife - Tomoyo Shibata (formerly - now she shares his last name.) She was a former
newscaster for Nippon TV. They have one daughter together and she is supposedly going to pursue her career here in the States.

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