Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Korea Movie Review: 200 Pounds Beauty

Kim Ah Jung - Hanna/Jenny

Joo Jin Mo - Sang-Jun

Hanna, the main character is an overweight woman living with a secret crush on her boss. He is the producer for Ammy, Korea's newest up and coming singer. The only hitch? Ammy can't sing. Hanna does all the singing for Ammy behind the scenes. Desperation and negativity drive innocent Hanna to undergo full-body plastic surgery to change her appearance. Once she is "beautiful" she makes her own debut as "Natural Beauty" Jenny. Can Jenny stand up to the pressure, and will Sang-Jun fall for Jenny, and not for Hanna? You'll have to watch to find out!

This movie was amazing. I cried when the subtitles started repeating themselves half-way through my first viewing. (I've watched it more than once now!) ((And, yes, sad as it is, I still need subtitles for most of my Asian-media watching)) But putting all this aside, 200 Pounds Beauty was a stunning movie for me. I (obviously) am a woman of the bigger size, and I found this movie refreshing. Yes, Hanna attained her goals through plastic surgery, but if you pay attention, a lot of hard work went into her transformation. And, if you REALLY pay attention, you'll see the deeper side of this movie. It's about finding out who you really are, and coming to love that person, no matter what.

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