Friday, May 18, 2007

Unfair na no wa dareka? The Special!

So, I watched Unfair: The Special: Code Breaking. It was just as good as the series. Andou even popped up because Yukihira was so distraught she had "visions" of him talking to her about the case. The only bad part is that they ended it in a cliff-hanger that continues in the movie. And, seeing as how it only released in theaters in March I am going to have to wait and wait for it to come out with sub-titles. ((I'm STILL waiting for a version of Trick: The Movie 2 to have sub's)) But, if you want to make sure that you catch it all in one go, you should wait. But don't forget about it because it's a really excellent series. It's a nice change from the bubblegum sweet stories that I usually catch.
For an actual "summary" of the special: The special takes place nine months after Andou's death and starts out focusing on a series of deaths of older Japanese men, dying of apparent natural causes. Yukihira believes that they are murders based purely on instinct. After a lot of digging it turns out that they are in face, murders and they are somehow connected to Yukihira, the batsu-site and Yukihira's father. She must find the murderer before they get away with killing the last member of the group - only she has to figure out who it is first! Oh - did I mention that Mio-chan is talking now? SO KAWAI! Lot's of movies portray Japanese children as being UBER-creepy (The Ring, Ju-On, etc) so it's amazing I find her so cute. Except when she whispers. Whispering kids are super sKary.


Anonymous said...

Did you watch this special with subs? If so, where might someone find these subs?

Jenna said...

I bought this series from, I'm not sure if it was fansubbed anywhere or not.