Thursday, May 17, 2007

アンフェア na no wa dareka? (Drama Review: Unfair)

Ryoko Shinohara as Natsumi Yukihira

Eita Nagayama as Kazuyuki Andou

Mion Mukaichi as Mio Satou

Teruyuki Kagawa as Kazuo Sato

What is unfair? (Unfair na no wa dareka?) is the question of the entire series. Ryoko Shinohara plays tough cop Natsumi Yukihira, the top murder detective in Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department. A series of murders begin to surround her, and as suspiscion begins to creep around every corner of her life, she begins to fight for her family and her life.
I really enjoyed this series. I am excited to watch the special tonight, as I own it already. The movie looks amazing too, but I have to wait for that to be released on DVD. I was pretty impressed with the level of acting in this series too. Usually with series that are a little quieter in mass appeal, the acting is lack-luster. I was blown away with each plot twist and the acting ability of some of the more minor characters. Mion Mukaichi was adorable. Her roll as Mio-chan was great. She plays as an eight year old, but I think in looks she is about four! It must have been tough for her to act without speaking at all. (Don't worry, it's not really a spoiler since you know right off the bat why Mio-chan doesn't speak.) I'm glad that in the snipets I've caught of the Unfair - The Movie she is back in the action. Eita did a good job too. I think that he's been growing as an actor, after Waterboys, this is a good grown-up roll for him to take on. Watch this series if you have time and like mystery and good acting. As a bonus - Yuna Ito sings the theme - Truth.
Five Stars - *****

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