Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mini-rant: Edison Chen

If you know me, or have read my blog before, you should know that I am an Edison Chen fan. It started out with me seeing "Twins Effect/Vampire Effect" though the movie was goofy, and I don't particularly think that Charlene Choi is a wonderful actress, I liked it. It had entertaining points and yes, was VERY VERY cheesy. But a lot of times I just want to get out of my stressed out world and laugh and have a good time. Movies tend to get too serious these days, so something that was made for pure enjoyment is refreshing. I have found that, in various blogs, forums, news articles and other forms of communication that Edison Chen has a pretty haunted life style. I mean that he is either loved or hated by people vehemently. I think that if you don't like someone or something, it's ok, but to rip into them like they've done something wrong to you personally is inexcusable. Edison Chen is a very successful person. He is CEO of Clot Media, a successful actor, a talented (YES) singer and a pretty funny guy. (Have you read his blog? It cracks me up) Some have criticized him for being "gangster" when in fact, it's just the way he speaks. If you were brought up in New York, as a minority member of society, perhaps you would have the same speech-type. Sure, there aren't really many hip-hop and rap artists in Asia, and the style of music was created by and is mostly dominated by African Americans, but it shouldn't be strictly THEIRS. I mean, the U.S. takes Asian technology and passes it as there own, they re-make movies and don't give adequate credit, why shouldn't the Asians be allowed to make the type of music they want? I suppose I'm thinking out loud, and this post might garner a lot of comments - but remember if your are here to insult, ridicule or other wise bad-mouth China, Edison Chen or me, I'll most likely delete the comment, so don't even bother. I don't mind CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but blatantly ripping into someone is a rotten thing to do. So, if you have opinions, be grown up about it, will you? Just remember, the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Also, I find it interesting that Edison was charged and placed under bond for kicking a taxi. I wonder if he had not been a celebrity if he would have had the same result in court, or if it would even have gone to court at all? I also read that Gillian Chung denied that they are, or ever were friends. I'm sorry? Did I read that correctly? ::wipes at her glasses and tries reading again:: Yep, Gillian Chung DENIED ever being more than colleagues with Edison. Some people are so stuck on themselves and their personal image that they forget how it will affect others. Sure, if she wanted to avoid scandal and the media, she should have done what the rest of the world did: stayed non-celebrities. But when someone who obviously had a personal (maybe romantic or maybe not) relationship with someone decides to deny that fact when the other person is in trouble, that just seems a bit juvenile to me. I have a love/hate relationship with the Twins. I think that they are adorable and there singing is ok. The acting I am still waiting for a great performance. Gillian is better than Charlene, but that doesn't mean a lot. I never label someone as being a "bad actor" (or actress) because Lord knows, I couldn't do it. And if they were THAT bad, they wouldn't be in show business at all. ::sigh:: Ok, enough of my rambling on. Go ahead and enjoy some Asian culture, whether it be music, movie or tv show. I love them all.

Oh - did you know that Vincy goes to school in the States? And Edison hinted at concerts in the U.S. this year? Wheeee.

::sigh:: I think my "journalist" voice died in this article. . .

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