Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another U.S. Rip-off?

I'm not entirely sure whether this one is bad or good but, the U.S. is "stealing" another show from Asia. The miscellaneously named Hole In The Wall or Human Tetris from Japan or Jiwhaza from Korea is being picked up for a pilot on F.O.X. Ever since I saw the "viral video" of this over a year ago it's been my favorite online video for a mini giggle-fest. If you head on over to Veoh and type in either Human Tetris or Jiwhaza you'll get a bunch of videos to giggle over. Most of them have random guest appearances by Japanese and Korean celebrities - so enjoy. Also, I remember Ellen Degeneres having her own take on the show called Through the Wall or Take a Fall, I don't know if she got permission from them or not, but it was fun. (Not as fun as the Asian one's - they actually have way to get through everyone that is simpler than you think. Either way - tune in to F.O.X. if they actually pick it up for a season. It'll be interesting at least.

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