Friday, February 22, 2008

The End?! (T_T)

I am incredibly saddened. I just read on a Chinese news site that Edison finally went to Hong Kong and admitted that the pictures were real and he never intended them to be public. I will say that in my opinion, those kind of pictures should never be taken in the first place if you don't want them to get out - they almost always find their way out in the public. He is leaving Hong Kong show business INDEFINITELY! This decision saddens me deeply. I know lots of people find him offensive, or don't like him, but I really did think he was a genuine person (I read his blog a lot.) It's really sad that this is going to ruin his career, and that NONE of the other celebrities are coming out to support or defend him. I hope that he puts his talent to use here in the United States and that he doesn't disappear entirely.

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