Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go Go!

I am continuously getting more and more excited for Speed Racer to come out. I watched Stephen Colbert the other day when Rain-oppa came on and challenged him. It was kind of funny to watch him speak English. I have a bad habit of laughing when they do that. In lots of the tv shows and movies I watch the actors and actresses suddenly switch to English and it makes me giggle. I hope Rain displays wonderful diction while delivering his lines in Speed Racer. He's still learning now, and filming wrapped up forever ago. The premeire was this last weekend and there are a few fan-vids floating around on Youtube. It would have been great to be there and see Rain so close up. I really do use him as an inspiration. I can't wait! Only another 9 days. :)

Remember: Aja! Aja! Hwaiting!

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