Tuesday, December 5, 2006

My New Obsession

The Nintendo DS Lite is an amazing piece of technology. In my opinion the ingenuity to make two screens for any game is mind-blowing, not to mention adding a touch screen and wireless capability. I played with a friends’ this past weekend and now I am hell-bent on purchasing one for my very own. I’m not girly enough to buy the pink one, the blue one is too difficult to find so therefore I’m sticking with the “Ceramic White” one. Oh, how excited am I? I haven’t owned a portable Nintendo system since the marshmallow inspired original Game Boy. I plan to purchase “Clubhouse Games” – a game with 42 individual games included in it. I will rot my brain thusly playing Mahjong, Memory, Solitaire and many more random games. I also want to play Elite Beat Agents, a random Manga-like game featuring ex-CIA agents defending the people and fighting crime, one beat at a time. (Whatever – sounds like fun.) And, after playing Sims 2 Pets, last night on a friends’ PSP I am now interested in that game. They all sound like loads of time wasting funness. Can’t wait to get paid.

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