Thursday, March 6, 2008

1st Oriental Supermarket : Orlando

I went to this market the other day, wanting to find a new Asian market - and YAY! It was huge~ The biggest Asian/Oriental market in Florida actually. There was an entire aisle of tea that had me drooling (and I don't even like tea.) They have a great selection of items from the tea, to fresh fruit and vegetables, sea food, a meat/deli section, Asian cell phones (yay!) and a plethora of other items. If I had noticed earlier I would have applied there when I was living in Orlando. They have automated check outs (where they actually scan your food and have a color screen and stuff.) Most markets here in Florida and in back in Minnesota have just stickers and use a generic old cash register. I was impressed and flustered at the same time. I wanted to spend lots of money, but have very little but managed to splurge on a giant bottle of original flavor Ramune. If you live in Orlando, or are planning a vacation, be sure to check them out - it's well worth a visit. Site linky!

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