Sunday, March 9, 2008

CD Review: Wish - Yuna Ito

What's that? You miss my reviews? Ok, here's a good one for you:

Wish by Yuna Ito. The powerhouse is back and just as good as before. If you've never listened to Yuna Ito's music before, you're missing out a lot. Her music is a great pop blend that you can listen to whenever you want. I have found that, even though I really love a certain group or singer, I can only listen to them if I am in the right mood. Not so with Yuna. She has a an uplifting tone to her voice. It's clear as a bell and when she belts something out it sounds effortless. Case in point: the title song. Wish is a track that is just beautiful and she sings it with grace and such power. The track Anata ga iru kagiri - A World to Believe In is a very moving song in which Celine Dion and Yuna harmonize beautifully. Tokyo Days is a fun song, upbeat and happy. If you want something that will raise your spirits and sooth you after a long day - pick up this album.

1: Power of Love

2: Alone Again

3: Anata ga iru Kagiri ~ A World to Believe In (feat. Celine Dion)

4. Urban Mermaid

5: Heartbeat

6: Colorful

7: Unite as One

8: Mahaloha (feat. Micro)

9: A Long Walk

10: Moon Rabbit

11: I'm Here

12: Wish

13: Tokyo Days

14: Bonus Track: My Heart Will Go On (which I like better than the original, because, personally, I do like Celine, but can only take her in small doses because I have SUPER sensitive ears and when she sings her high notes it's too much for me. Yuna's is a little quieter, a little calmer, but still powerful.)


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