Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hoshi (star) Watch: Edison Chen

It appears that one of my favorite Hong Kong stars – Edison Chen has found love. OR – his crazy gene. Either way my recent discovery of his personal BLOG has confirmed my love for him as an entertainer. In his own (slightly neurotic with hip-hop undertones) voice, Edison describes his day-to-day life as a Hong Kong star. If you have read anything about the Chinese media industry you know that the paparazzi are worse than even in the states. EDC (as he affectionately calls himself) takes it all in stride and enjoys a busy life recording, performing, attending movie premiers (Grudge 2 – anyone?), and creating his own clothing line. Of course he does it all with the help of a few people. Formally referred to as simply “V” in his blog; Edison admits to a relationship with Vincy Yeung recently, and the two seem to share something pretty special. He also seems to be happy with his agent – something we hear little about as simpletons of every day life. Apparently he is very content with his work. It seems that a big star can still retain a semblance of normal life and a small amount of innocence. This is refreshing news to a fan like myself, who worries that the paparazzi will destroy some of the greatest stars. If you’re curious to learn more about this charismatic star check him out in some of my favorite movies such as: Initial D, The Infernal Affairs trio, Dummy Mommy Without a Baby, and Vampire Affect. His albums are fun to listen to as well. (Be prepared for a hip-hop/rap mix of sounds) Albums available are difficult to figure out. (Didn’t I say that mass Google searches were required for most things?) As far as I can tell there is:



Please Steal This Album

Edison Chen: The Best Collection

Note: While writing this article I was using Wikipedia (the poor man’s encyclopedia about everything) and found a disturbing addition to the page. This text was repeated about a hundred and fifty times into the middle of the article:

in which some sEven though it is a bunch of chinky 4'7 people pretending to be african americans, the music is wonderful in the ears of mainly chinks and people who are ricers and try to make their car JDM

I personally don’t have the skills to find where they hid the code for this particular slander, but I would have changed it if I could. By the time I went back a couple minutes later the mysterious text was gone. Don’ worrr EC I got yo’ back. Just kidding. I had been trying to figure out how to report it to Wikipedia, when I went back and it was randomly gone from the page. Now, why in the world people have to be cruel just because they don’t particularly like someone’s music I simply don’t unterstand. If you have any comments feel free to leave them. But for Pete’s sake – be respectful and kind.

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