Monday, November 13, 2006

Korean Movie Review: Temptation of Wolves/Romance of Their Own

(Neun-dae-eui Yoo-hok)
Staring: Kang Dong-Won as Jung Tae-Sang
Jo Han-Seon as Ban Hae-Won
Lee Chung-Ae as Jung Han-Kyun

Jung Han-Kyung is an average Korean girl. She lives her life quietly, not going to bars or dressing up for guys. When her father dies and she relocates to Seoul to live with her mother, she suddenly finds herself the object of affection to two of the hottest guys in the neighborhood. One is a tough guy with a bad wrap and the other has a big secret he's not willing to share. Who will little Han-Kyung give her heart to?

I thought this movie was pretty good. There is a lot of drama and emotion to it. Unlike a lot of Chinese movies, it doesn't really go overboard in the comedy or the situations either. I think that the fighting was a little excessive, but that goes with the story line I suppose. The beginning of the movie seems a little choppy, as if they've cut out a lot of stuff from the storyline to make the movie fit into an allotted time. The end drags out a little - but mostly because of the emotions wreaking havoc on character and viewer alike.

Four and a half stars.

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