Monday, November 13, 2006


My friend has a great business. She creates for a living. So, maybe she's not Asian. And perhaps she is not living in Asia. But the culture pulses through her veins almost as thick as mine. Megan has been creating a great line of clothing and accessories out of vintage fabric for awhile now. I got excited even further by checking out the November issue of Shojobeat.
Megan managed to catch the eye of the good 'ol folks of Shojobeat and drum up some business the old fashioned way - exposure. I love her designs of simple button fashion dressed up into something new and interesting. The Kimono fabric mirrors are a perfect accessory for Cultural Day in Japan. (or just going the mall and having to touch up your make up, whichever comes first...) Run
along and snag these goodies before Christmas hits. I guarantee it'll be a unique and welcome gift for anyone.

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