Monday, November 13, 2006

Lighting the Way for J-Rock fans

Tired of peering jealously at the Japanese rock mags? Check this out:

The folks over at Clear Phoenix Media have created just the snack to cure your craving. Purple SKY is a rarity in the United States. A magazine set exclusively to trafficking and keeping the J-Rock fan up-to-date in the Japanese rock scene. With feature articles on Dir En Grey, Plastic Tree, Buck Tick and D'espairs Ray this magazine is set to rock the underground of J-Rock. It's difficult to find information from some of our favorite artists without resorting to massive Google undertakings and Bablefish translations. Here, for a mere 17.99 you get a subscription for all three Summer, Fall and Winter issues. Full color, glossy photos of some of the greatest musicians to float across Japanese airwaves. Check it out. I got mine.

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