Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hong Kong Film Review: My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

Sammi Cheng: May Ho
Lau Ching Wan (Sean Lau): King-Wai

Sammi Cheng stars as May, a hopeless woman who's husband dies in a freek accident only days after they wed. Distraught and stuck in a family of in-laws who distrust her, May has to learn how to survive in her new life. A new friend comes along after a night of drunk driving and a near-death experience. The only problem is that he's dead; only able to be seen by May's left eye.

This is one of my favorite Chinese movies. The humor and situations are crazy and over-done, but without this, the plot would die. My Left Eye Sees Ghosts cemented Lau Ching Wan into my heart. Not being the most attractive man I didn't really care for him before, but this performance was full of warmth and sincerity. The final twist makes the movie come together and brings the dangling strings together nicely.

Five Stars - out of five.

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Jen Suen said...

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