Thursday, July 12, 2007

Allow Me to Introduce:

It’s here, and it’s amazing. EDC’s new album: Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself is amazing. Free from constricting and cookie-cutter management Edison Chen has found himself a new life. With the album hitting #1 in Taiwan and #2 in Mainland China, it is obvious that the general population agrees. It’s hard to believe that with such negative press, and disapproving views, the man has been able to prove them all wrong. Of course, fans have never doubted his ability and have been waiting patiently to see what the man can present us free of strings and using nothing but his own talent and ingenuity. I waited very impatiently to receive my copy of the album from YesAsia in today’s mail. Where was the dang mail-man (no, I’m not being politically incorrect, he’s a dude)? When finally I spotted him pulling into the drive and ripped open my package to find my EDC album. It’s the first one I've had the pleasure to actually OWN. The rest are downloaded from fans wanting to share the love. His music is hard to find. L If I had my camera with me, I would have taken pictures of it. My initial favorite is track number 1: 记得我吗? The song begins with a traditional Chinese instrumental introduction, much like what is heard during a Lion Dance at festival time. There is a female vocalist (once I get it translated, I’ll let you know more) singing part of the chorus, but I love the music. My good friend, Yixuan said that it means “Remember Me?” and it fits. I hear Edison saying it too. I’m sorry this took so long to post; I got caught up in life! But, if you are looking for an album that is up-beat, and has lots of soul – BUY this one. It’s worth it. I will be truthful; I download a lot of my stuff from fan-sites. But I buy the important ones. I am beyond glad that I bought the new Edison Chen album, it’s great. The CD case itself is designed to look like the Alienegra camo only in blue. I love it. The case is held together with little Chinese straps and is just too adorable. The CD is printed to look like an old record or LP. The printed material is on a nice paper, with lots of Chinese calligraphy and traditional drawings of EDC inside. But, don’t take my word for it – get it for yourself.

Track Listing:

1 记得我吗? (My Favorite)
2 拳头
3 Act Like u Know (Very Powerful song)
4 精神分裂
5 泪
6 是我
7 凌晨1:37
8 My Baby (For Vincy!)
9 又一年
10 不可能

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