Friday, July 6, 2007

Would if I could...

So, there is this book. Not just any book, but a charity book for the recovery of the 2004 Tsunami victims. It's also a photo book of Leslie Kee's work. It happens to have 300 Asian Celebrities in it too. I blushed at some of them, but I believe it's art, and that you don't really see in everyday life. I desperately want this book - but the original price was just under $300.00USD, and they don't have any available because it was limited to 7,000 sales copies. There's a copy on e-bay right now for about 495. Seriously - sell it for what you got it for and a little extra, keep the little, give the rest back to charity! Anyway - the book contains some racier photo's, but most of them are just gorgeous representations of great Asian entertainers. Such as: Gackt (!), Daniel Wu (made me blush) , Aaron Kwok, Cyndi Wang, Shu Qi, Wentz Eiji, Teppei Koikei, Edison Chen (yay!) and a world of others. So, if you manage to find it - pick it up for a good cause and try to just enjoy the photography.

The photos are obviously taken at the actual exhibition. All credits for the original work go to the amazing Leslie Kee.

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