Monday, July 9, 2007

Honesty is the best policy.

I would have to think pretty hard before doing what this guy did. Especially at his age. This extraordinary gentleman of 66 from the Chubu branch of a concrete recycling company actually TURNED in $55,000 (apx. USD) worth of gold he found on the job. He just traipsed on over to his local police box and said "here you go - give it back to the rightful owner, please!" Or I assume something of that affect. Now, honestly, how many of you out there would just hand this on over to the police without thinking of keeping it for yourself and figuring out a way to use, or sell it? I don't know the law in Japan, but it's not like he stole it, and it WAS in the trash, so isn't it his now? I don't know, but this man should get some kind of honesty award. Six months and 14 days from now, the gold COULD go to....the factory. Not the honest old sir that brought it in! Oh, well. Japanese folks - check your stash, maybe it's yours!

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