Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I couldn't think of a title for this entry. Eri Murakami (25), was a popular model in Japan until she died on July 8th. Murakami had been feeling ill for awhile when she went to the doctor and discovered she had cancer. I was going to just pass this article by on Mainichi as a sad result of nature, but then I read further and was dumbstruck by one particular quote from the author:

"Murakami was not informed of her condition -- an approach not unheard of in Japan -- and she had hoped to resume her showbiz activities after recovering, the office said."

How is this possible? You can perform an operation on a patient without telling them that why or how they're sick and need the operation? Did the doctor with hold the information from her, or did her production/management company? I don't get Japan sometimes. I learn things like this and it starts to really bother me. Hopefully they will fix the problem in the future, and I hope Eri Murakami rests in peace.

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