Friday, July 13, 2007

My Everyday

You might be interested to know where I wander on the great wide internets everyday.
Tokyo Mango is an awesome blog about Tokyo life, random Japanese toys, gadgets and news bits. Lisa Katayama is brilliant!
I'm on Myspace bloggin' bout life (Jenanime is EVERYWHERE BWAHAHAHA...),
I'm on checking out the lives of Kelly Hu and Daniel Wu. (Haha rhymin') is another good haunt, hip-hop culture of Hong Kong and China at it's very best! Lots of cool people blogging and representing!
The original Edison blog I read for info on what he's been up to.
Japanese News
Korean News
Chinese News (I've got to stay up to date!)
JAME keeps me on my toes with Japanese music releases.
Of course, Strapya has new stuff everyday. Yuuki keeps a nice blog that I check too.
Obviously, there are a lot of other places I find things, but this is the list of ones I go to religiously. Enjoy my secret stash of cool spots!

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