Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I love Hong Kong film. Jackie Chan is one of my favorite actors. Yes, he is sort of silly, but that's his role for a lot of his movies. I think anyone willing to do all their own stunts like him is really brave. That's why, when I try to watch his movies in the United States, it drives me crazy. They dub them all. Yes, some of them are Jackie's voice now that Jackie speaks English so well; but to re-name the movies and put crappy voices on the movies drives me nuts. I watched Police Story (1) and it was in it's perfect Cantonese glory. The stunts were AMAZING. You have to take into account that it was made in the 1980's and they did it on a 2 million dollar budget. Modern day movie's re-create scenes from it. I loved it. Police Story 2 was good as well, but when you get to Police Story (3) it's renamed "Supercop" and they act as if the story isn't a continuum of something else. The fourth one was called "Jackie Chan's First Strike." Ka-kui disappears. I don't know, it's a cultural thing, I just wish they'd learn to appreciate the originals. So - to watch or not to watch is my question.I think I'll just buy this from YesAsia and save myself from the horror! 32.00 for the entire set. You can't buy two of the bad dubs at Best Buy for that...

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